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    Parks in Sioux Falls


    Visiting Sioux Falls doesn’t look like the typical summer holiday but people don’t even imagine what they are missing by choosing to ignore this city in South Dakota. South Dakota isn’t one of the most popular states in the country in which concerns tourism and mainly because it doesn’t have a lot of big cities but Sioux Falls surely is an exception. What you will love about this city is that it has the big city attractions but an atmosphere typical for a small town. You will also love its historic buildings, museums and natural surroundings. Actually, Sioux Falls is packed with beautiful parks which deserve your entire attention. We have to begin by mentioning the splendid Sioux Falls Park. The park is located right in the heart of the city, along the Big Sioux River and its beauty cannot be described in words; you have to see it to believe it. Expect to be amazed by waterfalls, sculptures and the observation tower. Sertoma Park is another popular choice, mainly for its picnic shelter, the walking paths and the butterfly house. The McKennan Park is also a nice park to visit, attracting mainly with its landscaped park with gardens.


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